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Frame me colorful

Frame me colorful, he said.. For the colors are the source to happiness, which delve us out from the world of grey..
…And just right there I said.. Why not frame it fine, with a crease of smile to see your world ignite 🙂

Frame me colorful with logo A

This colorful picture speaks for itself and I am so loving its liveliness. The model in this picture being my brother, I had all the liberty to experiment with the picture right the way I wanted and imagined it to be. (Big hug to him for the patience and the right amount of enthusiasm he kept alive throughout the session 🙂

This picture was shot one sunday morning, when in a playful mood, I decided to experiment something bright and funny on Harnoor. It might have taken us an hour or so but the results were so vibrant to keep us fully charged during this whole fun shoot. I am having a series of these shots, which I am working on right now and shall be posting up next on the blog.

This picture was created such that it conveys the importance of liveliness & colors in our lives which makes us feel ignited despite the grey or say the tough times. Knowing that nothing is permanent and that the rough phases too shall pass one day, I believe we should set our souls free and invite as much colors, happiness, smile & positivity in our lives as possible. These are the things which pull us back from those puddles where we tend to get stuck sometimes. Let there be life and all things nice all around.

That’s about this color packed picture, while I shall be soon posting a few more from the same series. Till then, ‘Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling’ May you have a very happy sunday ! 🙂

And before I skip to mention, our first give-away is also going on at Amrit Ammu Photography. Visit our page, like it if you love it and participate with a smile. I shall be so happy to see your entries right there at on the theme : EXPRESSIONS.

Yo ! It’s the beautiful time to smile, say cheese and to express yourself at the best ! Yayyy. Happy time to call off .. Cya everyone !

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.

Rain beyond rain..

Monsoon as always, bought all the life alive this year. Not only there was joy and awesomeness all over but the loving monsoon season also bought a lot of relief to the people especially in north India, who were being roasted at 50 degrees celcius and more. The previous post has all the fun that I could capture around during this amazing season.


This releif however, was only temporary and soon we heard about the devastating effects of the monsoon during the later part of the last week. Monsoon rains had caused the flash floods and landslides in Uttrakhand which took away the life of so many people, while several went missing. My heartfelt condolences with all those who suffered this havoc 😦  TV channels are still broadcasting the live news of so many people and apartments which have toppled into the rushing, swallowing waters of the Ganges, the India’s longest river. My heart pains seeing and reading about the ‘Himalyan Tsunami’…there are still so many people who are stuck up there in the midst of nature. We salute the thousands of military servicemen who are at service along with the air force helicopters, to rescue the pilgrims and tourists, from the foothills of the Himalayas.

Words are less when the heart is sad, and emotions speak out loud at that time. I know only one thing about life, which holds true everytime – that Life,  it keeps moving on ! I am actually short of words to conclude this post, despite of having so many more words to write. I pray to God for the betterment and safety of the people who are surviving this horrifying incident. I hope God will shine his blessings on them and there will be a better tomorrow. Let the hope not die, while the life still goes on…


I have a freind of mine, who went to Shri Hemkund Sahib and was saved just IN time ! He narrated the incident in utter shock which left me spell bounded too ! The bridges, road paths through the hills all went away in just a fraction of a second ! All of it went away as a roll of debris, into the fast rustling waters of the river and nobody knew what was in their fate that day. Nature was in fury and nobody had anything in their minds than just pray for life.  Gosh.

With not much to say as I am already thunder struck, I am hereby sharing some photographs that were shot in the Ludhiana city during the last full week of monsoon. The city was clogged with water, and more water everywhere.. These photographs have been taken by the two very important members of my family – My dad – Prof. Kanwaljit Singh and my dearest brother – Harnoor. Oh yes, so proud to say that 🙂

IMG_8652A IMG_8656A

IMG_8681 IMG_8667A IMG_8670A

That was the other side of the Monsoon ! I pray to God in hope for better tomorrows. May God shower his blessings on us.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu


The photographs in this post are copyright © Kanwaljit Singh Dhudike/ Harnoor Singh. All Rights Reserved. Copying, downloading, altering or displaying any image without the written permission of the artists is strictly prohibited. 

“Don’t Wish,” said Rain…

Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure.

– Emily Wing Smith

The refreshing monsoon time is here…

DSC_0312 AA

It is that time of the year…
where we can just feel those pitter patter rain drops falling on our faces and getting soaked up in our clothes..
The time…
where we can just re memorize those beautiful childhood days,
when we sailed our paper boats on the sides of the road..
And the time…
where probably u can feel just nothing, but the BEST !!
And add to this..
how else can we get a fantastic climate, as awesome as this … !!!?

“I am certainly loving it” !

The click below was shot during the rain.. The view is of our home garden. Green being washed away all fresh and happy 🙂

Collage 3

The beautiful scenes that I witnessed can hardly be described but still, I experienced something like this :

There is greenary all around;
with clear blue sky atop..
the fresh chirping of the birds,
and the cooing of cuck-oo-oo..
those dancing trees,
those falling leaves,
and that cool breeze; …

Whoa!! The feel of all these really beautiful things bought joys and relief from the scorching heat of summers. And ofcourse, this kind-of-magical climate, not only succeeded in attracting the ever enthusiastic teens to the known hangouts of the city, but also developed the cravings for different cuisines like bread pakaurhas and samosas amongst the families!! And personally, I throughly enjoyed it all with my family 🙂

I believe this to be a cool part of the monsoons though, as these days the families hardly get time to sit together n cherish some moments together. My parents were remembering the mosoon time that went back into me and my brother’s childhood days and we were taking about how we both used to go out in the rain wearing raincoats and how much we used to enjoy bathing in rain! The coversations were on between us as a family and sooner we were talking about the present situation of the people in Uttrakhand and Himachal states where due to the landslides and the havoc caused by the monsoon, so many of them are left suffering. We went talking about the nature – the two sides of it, one which fills our life with happiness and the other which may even take away everything from us. It is nature and there is not much that a man can do to stop its effects. As we concluded our much heated discussion on the same topic, we thought maybe as help to those people who are suffering, we can donate in PM relief fund and can even look into donating some old clothes. Loss may not be overcome but little little efforts may contribute to something bigger and better at the least.

And then as they say, every coin has two sides. So looking at the brighter side and enjoying the blessed part of life that we were offered to witness that day, here are some more shots that I captured during the last week full of rain.

It was all so green and fresh ! Spot below a cute flying parrot and two super cute squirrels all in mood. No wonder, there was joy all around, post the long lasting rain shower.

Collage 1

Collage 4 with logo

I was just taking a walk with my camera, post the rain and I spotted endless beauty everywhere. Greenary, joy, cool breeze, birds, the smell of the rain, ants and so much more !

Below is a series of shots that I captured of a snail/shell that I accidentally spotted, just there in our kitchen garden. I am much fascinated by its circular details.  I named it shelly.. Say hello to shelly below 🙂


collage 2

Moving on, I found a shrub which was all decorated beautifully by the nature in rain drops. Ahh lovely they looked. In not much time, I went there to capture the beauty..most of it as much I could. 

DSC_0307 Flood filter A

DSC_0318 with logo and gradient filter

 And I just mentioned about ants too !Oh yeah.. I found so many of ant homes- I don’t know what are they called (If you know, let me know that too!) Nature has not surprised me the first time with its beauty, but just that I got a chance to feel and take a close look at it after a long time. I saw nature, patterns, colours, designs and all of it that day as I finished that gala evening.

Collage5 with logo copy

That’s the monsoon beauty of it and I shall be back soon, with a post showing the other side of monsoon too. Till then.. Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling. 🙂

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu

The photographs in this post are copyright © Amrit Ammu Photography / Aa Photography. All Rights Reserved. Copying, downloading, altering or displaying any image without the written permission of the artist is strictly prohibited. 

Collage 1

How to design a Photobook for your own label.

Photobooks are in trend..  Taaadaaa ! And that’s what actually buzzed me to design one under my own label. This blogpost talks about the making of a photobook in my own experience 🙂 Hope it will help you too, if you are willing to create one for yourself.

These days many websites such as,, etc also offer ready to make photobook templates. And we also have the software ‘Lightroom 4’ which has an enabled option for making a photobook. However I had a bit different concept in mind which drove me on fire to create one afresh, for my clients.

IMG_8165 copy A

Assuming that you are comfortable working on the designing softwares, following are the things that you would need, to make your own photobook :

1. Photoshop / any other designing software installed in your laptop.
2.  Some basic idea of how you want your book to look like.
3. Some photographs that you gotta be using in the photobook.
4. A few creative brush plugins and fonts.
5. If possible, a collection of quotes to make an edge 🙂

Easy, isn’t it ! Well truely speaking, it took me quite some time to figure out the nitty gritties involved in the whole process. But the end result made me forget about the hours I took to prepare an exclusive template for my very own label. You may not take that long though but in case you do, then don’t lose hope in between. You will find a great way out, assure yourself of that.

collage 6 copy_A

Alrite, here we go with the steps.

1) Firstly choose a size for your photobook. I wanted a medium sized, so I went for 8X8 inches book. Hence, the designing was done for the leaf page size of 8X16 inches.

2) For making the cover page, make sure you leave an extra margin in the centre of the page for it will be eaten up in the binding. The measurement of this extra margin depends on the number of leaflets the photobook shall contain. Roughly, leave half an inch extra margin over and above the normal margin space.  Next, make sure to arrange the pictures accordingly.

3. The cover page shall have the front cover picture placed toward its left side and the last picture for the cover, placed on the right side. Make sure they go out correct !

4. For the inner leaf pages, you just need to leave the normal margin space in the middle. Normally, consider leaving a space of 1 inch. However the middle margin space depends on the thickness of your photobook.

5. Rest comes easy, if the page placement and margins are correct. So there you go, get creative ! Use fonts, brushes, patterns or whatever comes in your mind to give it your kind of a look and you are almost done !

6. You can also consider putting your logo or signature at the last page and your photobook is all set to get printed. You can look for the printing services according to your convenience. There are ample service providers for that. Thence, we are done. Yayyy ! Find below some pictures of the photobook that I worked on :

collage 4 copy_A

The above picture is of the back cover… And it contains my logo signatures. And below is a standard page for the photobook.

Collage 1 copy_A

Collage copy_A

And that’s the whole of it. 🙂 If there is any querry, feel free to contact me via email at or consider leaving me a message on my facebook page.

Would love to hear from you. Let’s learn and share together.
Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.

The above photographs are copyright © Amrit Ammu Photography / Aa Photography. All Rights Reserved. Copying, downloading, altering or displaying any image without the written permission of the artist is strictly prohibited. 

Colourful visit to Shilparamam II

(The photographs in this post are © Amrit Ammu Photography)

I have shared my learning from this visit in terms of photography, at the end of this post. Have a look and let me know about your suggestion too !

I was talking about the photographs of beads, pottery and women accessories in the last post, which I am sharing up here. Just like before, these photos also depict a bright color splash on different mediums altogether. Taking up the beads section first, here we go for a vibrant ride below.. 🙂

DSCN5224 copy

This is how beautiful the loose beads looked, spread across on a large table. They were used to make customized bracelets or key-ring or neck piece or whatever-you-may-want out of them

DSCN5326 copy

DSCN5323 copy

DSCN5230 copy

This is the thread with which the beads were stringed together in the form, the customer would prefer 🙂 Customization on the roll !

DSCN5232 copy

Above, you can see a sneak-peak of the bracelet hand-made with those beads.

DSCN5325 copy

These button-like beads above, were pasted on to the silver sticks to make stunning earrings out of them. And no wonder, these were selling like hot-cakes ! I bought a purple pair from this collection, for my Best friend 🙂

DSCN5336 copy

DSCN5288 copy

DSCN5340 copy

DSCN5282 copy

Used in so many forms, beads for sure make great accessories for women ! Most of these alluring beauties above, are hand-made and the available varieties were enough to cater to different tastes of customers. After the beads category, let’s go onto another ride now.. And this is where I got confused, if the God was also put on Sale ! 

DSCN5314 copy

This is from the shop which sold the name-plates and they had a name-plate for God too ! 🙂

DSCN5090 copy

There is something ironic about this photograph above, which speaks itself aloud ! Let me know your views on that..

DSCN5297 copy

Just next to the God idols (shown above), this shopkeeper was keeping an eye on the customers visiting on her stall ! How carefully had she packed them, I thought.

DSCN5281 copy

A picture from the same shop… Unbreakable it read ! Oh Lord …. (My thoughts blooming in different directions here) Let me know, what you think of this ?…. I would be interested to have a discussion on this topic.. Alright, moving on, here is a glimpse of some more women accessories around the place. I am just thinking how true they say, when they say that be it any fair or any exhibition, there are hardly any things for men to buy ! 😛 Exhibitions and fairs are more or less flooded with the things exclusively for women !  *Giggle*

Are you wondering what is it down there ?

DSCN5335 copy

Rings they are ! 🙂 I wanted to pick one, but then I don’t wear many so dropped the idea and moved on !

DSCN5319 copy

A lovely long trail of earrings up there. Captivating… Isn’t it !

DSCN5337 copy

Some ear loops up there.. and cute key-rings and antique neck-pieces below..

DSCN5338 copy

DSCN5235 copy

DSCN5236 copy

DSCN5311 copy

And what do you have to say about this jute chappals-cum- footwear collection below ?.. I just heard of them being quite durable..

Never tried though 🙂

DSCN5239 copy

And lastly comes the pottery collection.. Hand-made and Hand-painted again ! A lot of hard-work is involved in bringing alive every single piece I must say..

DSCN5108 copy

DSCN5109 copy

DSCN5113 copy

No words for this collection…

DSCN5132 copy

DSCN5088 copy

DSCN5131 copy

Lined up in a row… beautiful items for home decor above. That’s it for Shilparamam.. It was for sure an amazing experience ! 🙂  However, this visit taught me one lesson which I shall always keep in mind..

Lesson from this Photo-shoot : Always arrange for and go with a camera battery back-up, no matter what. Our camera’s charger would do nothing when the moments would be running away or the light would be fading away. In fact there also may be a possibility that due to the power cut, we may not be able to charge the camera’s battery itself ! That’s exactly what happened with me too and I happened to miss so many shots around the time, when the light got low, so warm and beautiful. I wish I could do something about it at that time !

Or another option can be to.. Plan and Click”  In that case, no doubt the camera’s battery would sustain for a longer time. I am yet on a mission to begin with planning before clicking. Almost all of my shots from this series were documented as and when the events unfolded.

These were my learning’s from the visit to Shilparamam. I am glad to have been shared my collection from the Shilparamam visit with you on the blog. Thanks for stopping by.. Your feedback on this post and your presence on the Facebook page is awaited.  🙂

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.

The above photographs are copyright © Amrit Ammu Photography / Aa Photography. All Rights Reserved. Copying, downloading, altering or displaying any image without the written permission of the artist is strictly prohibited. 


A colourful visit to Shilparamam

(The photographs in this post are © Amrit Ammu Photography)

This post is a follow up sequence of  the blog  “On the occasion of Ugadi”

On this festive day, our college mess was also decorated with flowers and Rangoli and there was a joyous atmosphere around. To be a part of the celebrations at Shilparamam, I was travelling in bus with my friend and on the way, while travelling , I saw so many ladies and young girls dressed up in new clothes and warm smiles. Many of them also adorned Gajra on their hair. The whole city was in a festive mood.

On reaching Shilparamam, I just went wow over and over again ! I must say, I was witnessing this kind of creativity after a very long time. And on seeing the whole of it and capturing it’s beauty in my camera, I was really overjoyed. Here are some pictures that made me go gaga over this exhibition. 🙂

DSCN5128 copy

I loved the way these mirrors and lamps were displayed under the blue colored tent..

DSCN5317 copy1

This is that huge wooden carved door that was up there on display ! Perhaps, they made one by taking orders.. Isn’t it superb ! I admired the detailing and the ancient nawabi look of this door 🙂

DSCN5285 copy1

The ancient styled mirrors and the other wooden items above ..

DSCN5098 copy

I simply loved the aluminium glass lamps .. There were so many of them at the place !

Actually, not only these aluminium lamps.. but there were so many things at that place, which I simply loved 🙂

Up next came the multiple bangle stalls ! Awesome and incredible ! All of them .. So colourful ! So adorable .. You name a color and they had ..

This is the top view angle of so many colors and contrasts lined up there !

DSCN5342 copy

Fascinating ! Aren’t they …

And then.. This picture I feel, is my best shot from the bangles series… Aww.. I adore it 🙂

DSCN5341 copy

There are shapes, colors, contrasts, beads and vibrancy all over this picture.. which makes it a ‘simply feminine’ picture .. !

Then below is the traditional touch on the bangles, which I liked to portray in the sepia tone

DSCN5213 copy

The middle row bangles in the picture below were actually silver in colour..

DSCN5210 copy

Their beauty was being enhanced by the warm reflection of the sunlight on them, and by the bangles at their either side.. which made them look so appealing !

Thread bangles below !!

DSCN5215 copy

Choosing the pink one for herself ! …

DSCN5219 copy

Thread bangles at the roll 🙂

Now below is another variety.. And I much adore these !! These are the metallic bangles. I have got a pair for myself too, which I match and wear with the traditional suits.

DSCN5293 copy

DSCN5291 copy 1

This is a metallic neck-piece above ! Isn’t it gorgeous ! This is basically from the traditional jewellery collection and still is not out of fashion ! That’s the beauty of the traditional stuff.

DSCN5280 copy

Whoa !! And there was this big pile of bangles to choose from !!

Metallic bangles below.. Innumerable designs with various colors displayed all over !…

DSCN5286 copy

DSCN5339 copy

The huge ones up there ! In multiple colors yet again !!

I am having a series of shots on colorful beads, women accessories and pottery, beside others, which I think I will share in my next blogpost !! This post is becoming a little too long already ! That’s the magic shilparamam had to offer that day ! Amazing art all around !

Here is glance of the splendid Folk Art items, with a modern touch, indeed..

DSCN5237 copy

Some musical instrument illustrations and some other shapes and numbers, done beautifully as wall hangings above..

DSCN5310 copy

Elephants, bells, thread, shells .. Making awesome wind chimes 🙂 Traditional and modern element intact !

DSCN5196 copy

DSCN5304 copy

These are handmade wall hangings yet again .. stringed together in a thread with mirrors, beads, wooden animal statues and bells..

The cute catty below was a handmade toy ! Vibrant and catchy !  The toy’s body was attached with a thread, which on pulling, used to make the cute catty appear in a dancing mode ! *Giggle* A cute innovative toy for kids 🙂

DSCN5187 copy

DSCN5190 copy

The hand painted bottles below ! Wow detailing ..

DSCN5188 copy

DSCN5191 copy

On these bottles, the God idols were also painted ! Shown above..

Any guesses for this one below ? What do you think, it might be ?

DSCN5193 copy

Oh well, this is a hand-painted coconut !! Isn’t it fabulous .. 🙂

Another beauty below ..

DSCN5123 copy

Moving on from folk art, the place also had the crockery feast ! Sharing below .. 🙂

DSCN5253 copy1

Loved the way these mugs were placed one over another, forming patterns ..

Colorful bowls below, I got the black polka dots one for myself …

DSCN5258 copy

Awesomely designed jars and super cool coffee mugs below..

DSCN5254 copy

DSCN5248 copy

DSCN5252 copy

DSCN5259 copy

DSCN5244 copy

This was the cutest item in the crockery section ! A cute piggy bank up there ! *Giggle*   🙂

That’s it for now on Shilparamam ! I will follow the other part of the story and the photographs from the same place, in my upcoming blog-post.. Stay tuned 🙂

You are welcome to see the best of my work on Facebook at Amrit Ammu Photography.

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.

The above photographs are copyright © Amrit Ammu Photography / Aa Photography. All Rights Reserved. Copying, downloading, altering or displaying any image without the written permission of the artist is strictly prohibited.