Everything but the girl

“Everything but the girl” is the exclusive photography service for female portfolios, under my label Amrit Ammu Photography.

‘Sukhleen’ was announced to be the winner of our first give-away and in this blogpost, you can see her smiling all the way to that fun photo-session that we had in my studio.

So here she is ! Starring : Sukhleen Babbar.

IMG_2614 with logo

I chose to provide her with a studio photo-shoot because one, that she came over to my home-office around noon and I really wanted to avoid harsh light portraits and two, that I am trying to be better and more better in studio lighting, so practice bell was ringing in my head 😉 As for the picture, I really loved this tangy orange top of hers which stood out really well in the black background and plus it really looked beautiful on her skin tone. We kept her makeup and look pretty simple, so as to portray her elegance and style.

IMG_2620 with logo A

Now this is the picture which I finalised as I had to include atleast one full size picture in her folio. I personally could have over shadowed this picture with some close-up portrait but then ! It was a mini-photoshoot so I had to include all the main poses. I guess I could do a little more better in this, but anyways I thought that she is looking so adorable, that I needn’t worry much about that. But yes, oh yess, I surely realize that my mini-studio now needs to become a little bigger & better for that matter.

IMG_2727 A with logo

This is one such picture which took me quite sometime to get it perfect. I really needed her patience to get this shot and if I can make a wild guess, I think she might never forget the hard work I made her do to get this shot right :p But all is well, when end is well. Woohoooo ! High-five my buddy.

IMG_2817 C with logo

And here comes my favourite one. While I was directing her for this picture, I just anticipated the photograph to come worth it. As it was a window-light set up, I had to play a lot with the setting to get the exposure correct. I knew that I really couldn’t let this shot go wrong. After a couple of test-shots, I finally arrived at the setting but I had to face it ! Her pictures were coming less beautiful than that angelic face I was able to see with my eyes through the viewfinder.

Light was the only thing which could be at fault as I felt my setting to be okay. She really cooperated while I re-arranged her seating, posture, and my own angle.. and yes, finally I got it ! The soulful picture ! And yo ! That was it, the fun mini shoot for our 1st give-away winner 🙂 I will post more about the regular photoshoots under “Everything but the Girl” in upcoming posts.

Till then, I am inviting new entries for portfolio bookings. You can book your slot via email at amrit.ammu@gmail.com

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.


The give-away Winner !

It has been long since the first give-away by Amrit Ammu Photography had been announced 😀 Thank you for participating everyone, I was so glad to receive all your entries on the theme “Expressions”. I never knew choosing the winner would be such a task too ! 😉 Anyways, out of all the entries, the best two to qualify were the two happy souls – Nidhi & Sukhleen. And both these lovely ladies are the winners for me already, just that Miss Winner had gone a little more far in order to grab a few more pointers.

Here are their pictures below, Lovely you look both of you..

Give Away Top 2

And finally, the WINNER is……


Congratulations Sukhleen ! You have won a mini- Photo shoot from us 🙂 Kindly revert back via email and we shall proceed further with your fun photo-session.

It was an awesome experience hosting our 1st ever Give-away and for sure, we would be coming up with bigger and better give-aways in future too! Yayy time to call off.. Have a happy day everyone.

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.


Win a photoshoot from Amrit Ammu Photography !

Happy August bought aboard so many more members to the family Amrit Ammu Photography and gleefully we are now 400+ strong 😀 Yayyyy !

On that happy note & on the warm occasion of the Friendship Day, last week I happily announced our first give-away with a flowerly pink kiss 🙂


You can participate too, & WIN yourself a mini-photoshoot, all free of cost !

Follow 1 simple simple rule:
Send any of your picture to us, on the Theme : “EXPRESSIONS” at amrit.ammu@gmail.com / at facebook:Amrit Ammu Photography.

For bonus points:
a. You can share this news on your FB timeline 
b. Follow us on twitter @amrit_ammu
c. Follow us on blog : www.AmritAmmuBlogs.wordpress.com

Contest is open till our FB page hits 450+ likes… so make the most ! All the best !!

I hereby extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who participated in this contest already & also encourage you all to take part in it. There is going to be so much fun ! Yayy…..Feeling Excited  😉

Wishing you all a very happy month ahead.. Cheers !

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.

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