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Heylo everyone!

Today I am reviewing a product that is perceived to pamper your feet with care, and make you feel happy with that soft fur surrounding them with comfort. Available in India now, this product will squeeze away your fatigue, and cuddle your feet with softness and smiles. So here we go, as I tell you about the super comfortable flip-flops from Dearfoams, exclusively available at feelinwow.com.

Feelinwow.com is an amazing destination to shop some of the most innovative international products, especially in the footwear category. They also hold the credit of introducing Dearfoams for the first time in India.

Oh well, Dearfoams understood the fact that our feet deserve all the care and comfort in the world. And there, they came up with their amazing furry footwear collection that is surely one of the must-haves in our closet. Their entire range of flip-flops and booties are made with a perfect blend of style and comfort.

Sometimes, we don’t even realize how much we demand from our feet! We go hard on them while running around to complete the household chores and also need their strength in those work-out sessions. We make them scream-out-loud for rest when we walk on those pencil-heels poking harshly, and during those rainy days when we walk into those muddy puddles on the way. All this and much more, ends up taking a heavy toll on our feet. Isn’t it?

In all these scenarios, our way of relaxing our feet is either soaking them in warm water, or getting them treated with a foot massage, or at-most treating them with a nice pedicure. But well, what if you could get that treatment everyday? And that too in just a few seconds?!

Well, Dearfoams is the answer to everything that will lead you to an amazing comfort zone.


  1. Very comfortable, soft, and cozy to soak away your long and tired day at office


  2. Strong soul with a beautiful silk lining at the edge


  3. Good quality fur that doesn’t come out easily or stick on your feet


  4. Well flexible and adjusts to your foot’s bending activities nicely

    Dearfoams_Bending pic

  5. Best comfort for your feet, be it any weather


  6. Perfect to make you feel warm on a cold winter night

    Dearfoams_Checkered booties

  7. Light weight


  8. Available for all age groups


  9. Washable and durable


  10. Value for money
  1. Generally, you can’t wear them outdoors as they are too soft and bendableMSP_0087
  2. They only come in flat stylesMSP_0188
  3. It can take them a few days time to dry up completely after a washMSP_0099
Ammu's take:

In my view, they are a must have in your closet as they are too cozy and comfortable to be missed. The plus point is that they are avaible in so many styles! One can choose from a variety of options – from ankle length booties, fluffy clog slippers, boot slippers, or trendy flip-flops. They are superb and worth every rupee spent.

You can shop them here!

Dearfoams_All pics

I hope this review helped you out. For any reviews or features, you can get in touch with me here. As always, I will be happy to connect with you 🙂

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#Review: Shop till you sign out!

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Happy Sunday to you! I hope this post finds you in the best of your health and “shopping spirit” 😉 ‘coz as promised, Ammu is here with her list of most amazing shopping websites to surf around! Are we ready?!

Amrit Ammu

Yes, there are plenty of online options available for shopping accessories, makeup, and clothing, but when it comes to buying some online stuff, we mostly end up purchasing from no further than Amazon/ eBay/ Flipkart/ Myntra/ Fashionandyou / Koovs/ or Snapdeal… Isn’t it? Not that they are not good, but if you just uttered ‘yes’ for any of these, then this post is just for you! I’m sure it will help you in widening your web-shopping experience… so let’s get started!

Well, these shopping websites are the ones that I have tried in the recent past and they are trustworthy and value-for-money, so you won’t have any issues when you order. Of course the list below was not an easy extract as I had to think through various options, before I could finally arrive at the top 5 names!  So here we go!

The first website on the list is…

  1. 1. TheTrunkLabel.com

The recent popular “Trunk Label” by Bipasha Basu is definitely not to be missed! I ordered an alluring gold and aqua parcel from the 60 second makeover collection, It Kit (Such an interesting rhyming name it is). Well, right from its packing to its signature, the kit is really fabulous and I am delighted by its statement essentials, that were packed up nicely in one stunning gold pouch.     

Trunk label_A

‘it kit’ from The Trunk Label by Bipasha Basu

2. FeelinWow.com

Have you ever landed to any page and felt wow about it?! Well, true to its name,  this website is all about feeling wow in every aspect! Be it in trying out some super cool stuff, or be it in celebrating yourself! They have got some really trendy merchandise stocked up for every pocket size.

And did you know, they are the first ones to introduce dearfoams in India! So I went ahead and ordered the cool and comfy, cozy and flurry, Furr Slippers from dearfoams! They are sooper soft to soak away your long and tired day at work and cushion your happy feet with a walking on cotton kinda experience!


Dearfoam ‘Furr slippers’ from FeelinWow.com

3. in.StrawberryNet.com

Get ready for pure delight in just 2 steps! Open this website, click on “Shop by Brand” and there you go! Whao! There are soooo many exclusive makeup brands that are rarely located in India. You call it Burberry, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Bourjois, Giorgio Armani, Make Up For Ever, NARS, or Too Faced! All these products are available at free shipping!

So like me, if you also can’t wait to travel all the way to Sephora Delhi for stocking ’em up in your closet, then this is the place to be! And good news! They have some amazing deals and good brands stocked up for men’s cologne as well!

4. BeautyBay.com
Urban decay_A

Urban Decay ‘Naked’ eye-shadow pallete from BeautyBay.com

 If you are looking for some high quality international brands for hair care, skin care, or make-up then this is the place to click-click! They stock a few brands like Stila that are neither available nor shipped to India by any of the websites like Amazon or eBay! The best part is that the shipping is free worldwide, and you have over 200 classy brands to choose from! Prices are worth the brand buy! 

They stock some of the most amazing collection of eye-shadows, contours, professional brush-sets, blushes, and you name what! I had ordered my favorite shadow palette ever, Naked from Urban Decay from BeautyBay and I got it at an amazing deal that time! It was shipped to me on time and without any hassle.

5. BuyInCoins.com

Here it is, the website which lets you buy directly from China, without any shipping fee! This is a place where you can find almost anything under the sun, that you need in your daily life. There are variety of options available, from your home care need, beauty care, car accessories, cameras and gadgets, electronics, toys and hobbies, to stationery and everything else!

I ordered a high end brush-set and a jumbo blush kit that makes me feel like a princess, every time I see it or use it. It is a smiley experience for me!


Brush-set from BuyInCoins.com

Having said that, I will be posting separate reviews for all these products one by one and share my experience on using or receiving them. In the meanwhile, do write in for your feedback on this post, I’ll be happy to receive all your opinions.

For Brand Features or Reviews, you can get in touch with me here!

If you know about some more trustworthy and pocket friendly online stores that ship to India, then feel free to share your inputs below.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu

There’s this new something!

Hi everyone!

Surely, I have to begin this post on a special note by extending my gratitude to you, for supporting me all this while and for being an awesome part of my world!


Thank you! It’s only because of your support that now this blog has climbed to over 10,000 hits! What looks like yesterday, has been running for 2 years now, and it’s beyond words to express, how enchanting and beautiful it feels to live this dream, Amrit Ammu Photography together.

In the upcoming days, there are plans to revamp this space, and give it a better look, by playing with the theme and adding a little bit of glam here and there. Ofcourse, I might also surprise you with some exciting things along the way!

Hold on, coming your way is the first exciting news! And that is… from this week on, I am going to start up a special ‘Reviews’ section on the blog.  

Wondering why, is it?

Well, in the recent past, my love for colors, lifestyle, food and make-up has multiplied manifolds…and perhaps, that’s one of the side effects which wedding bells have rang on me! And bingo! One fine day, I got fascinated with this idea and thought, why not start up a separate Reviews section on blog to share that?!

IMG_1109_ABcSo this week, I will debut my first review post, which will be dedicated to some of the most amazing online websites, where you can find trendy and pocket friendly stuff.

And did you notice, I have also launched an exclusive merchandise collection from my label! In case you have missed, check out Ammu’s Gallery here!

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