Emotions can be displayed in many forms but the purity lies in innocence. All of us exhibit them in each moment we live. I am a person driven by emotions and I am inspired by art, colours of the Mother Nature, different cultures and great food. However, my greatest inspiration on earth is my family.

I am a daughter of multi-talented parents and a sister of an incredibly talented and supportive brother. I love to explore life and spend time with my family.

I am an eternal student artist and I capture life’s beauty through photography, designing, drawing and painting. Being blessed with this art, I choose to write and share about all these things… And that makes me a blogger.

On this blog, I tend to share my photography art in a documentary way or a photo-story format. My style is a mix of all my experiences and dreams. I try to capture a journey through words also and camera also…Journey of a girl to be a bride, a wife to be a mother, a newborn to be an infant. A journey of friends and families sharing their lives together, or a story of a brand from its inception to its launch and its products.

There is so much of love that I keep sharing around. Along the journey, you may also find me keen on sharing my experiences, art, and designs in different ways that might interest you. You’re welcome to visit the colourful world of My Thoughts, My Canvas.


Yours lovingly,
Amrit Ammu