Oh yes, Happy Birthday to me !


The chapter 26 of my life begins today. It starts afresh and I am already gulping in the fact that I have entered in my late twenties. Taadaa! I am nearing 30, is it?! As a thought, it feels a bit scary yet brave, but I know even a couple of years down the line, I will still be as young as ever in my heart. 😉

Today, as I write this piece, I feel happy and proud of the life that I am living in. My hands are full, and God has been generously kind by blessing me the best things. I am grateful that I got a chance to assess myself on various parameters that I was not aware of before – if it was not the past 2 years where my extremes were tested, I could never know how courageous, strong and competent I could be. I readily pat on my back for having embraced all the challenges, sudden changes, losses, failures, detachments, and all things turning grey, with utmost force and focus on keeping my chin up, every time I felt bowled over! 😁

So before starting the first day of the 26th chapter of my life, I thought I will jot down the best lessons that I have known so far, as a note to myself, so I can do much better from now on. Definitely, not all the points in the list are penned down by me. There are many famous sayings which have gone behind. The only thing is that all of these have now started making perfect sense to me. Here they go…!


  1. Have courage and be kind.
  2. Be evaluated by your inner self only – only and only.
  3. Excellency is nothing, but giving your best. Nobody is excellent.
  4. Be satisfied with what the best you can do, with what you have.
  5. You don’t have to have your full life figured out in a go. Let it unfold naturally.
  6. Take one day at a time.
  7. There is no rush to “settle down”. Seriously!
  8. Every best or worst situation can be tackled.
  9. Time is the biggest healer, irrespective of how you are feeling now.
  10. If that time has passed, this will also pass.
  11. Leave everything to God in worst times – they do come to everyone.
  12. Money doesn’t buy happiness.
  13. It’s ok to be wrong.
  14. It is not the end of the earth, if things don’t work out.
  15. Let it go! (It’s not worth it… really)
  16. Don’t look for validation in other people.
  17. Be alright to be alone with yourself.
  18. Dream big! And keep on working towards your dreams.
  19. Travel as often as you can.
  20. Make short goals for yourself and stick to them.
  21. Stop being afraid! You have no reason to.
  22. Trust in God and take a leap of faith, very often.
  23. Be the person you would be friends with.
  24. Treat yourself, quite often!
  25. Celebrate everyday of your life, as if it’s your birthday.
  26. Shower your betterhalf with utmost affection, care, joy and best things possible.
  27. Pamper all your near ones who care for you. They are your true supporters.
  28. You will eventually become like a mother to your mother, and that’s ok.
  29. Your kindness and hard work will take you far in life.
  30. Above all, be true to yourself.


These are some great toppings that I wish to swear by, while going ahead. I believe, it’s all about growing better and better every day, loving yourself for all that you are, and embracing all those imperfections in you, which actually make you perfect! Furthermore, having a good health, body and soul, are the biggest blessings by God on us…aren’t they? And it’s such a great thing to accept this gift whole-heartedly and rise above those bleak inner voices which keep us holding back on our dreams.

This year, I wish for much joy, tranquility and positivity to illuminate in life. For now that it seems the time is right, just push through yourself missy, and know that you are awesome and you can do it. It’s time to take that leap of faith, and move on afresh to the brand new chapter of your life. Amen!


(“Always embrace flowers like the girl in pink” – is one special quote that my father had written to me in a Greeting Card on my 18th Birthday. And I live by it, even today 🙂

Photography: Harnoor Singh
On the way to Nandi Hills, Bangalore, India


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