There’s this new something!

Hi everyone!

Surely, I have to begin this post on a special note by extending my gratitude to you, for supporting me all this while and for being an awesome part of my world!


Thank you! It’s only because of your support that now this blog has climbed to over 10,000 hits! What looks like yesterday, has been running for 2 years now, and it’s beyond words to express, how enchanting and beautiful it feels to live this dream, Amrit Ammu Photography together.

In the upcoming days, there are plans to revamp this space, and give it a better look, by playing with the theme and adding a little bit of glam here and there. Ofcourse, I might also surprise you with some exciting things along the way!

Hold on, coming your way is the first exciting news! And that is… from this week on, I am going to start up a special ‘Reviews’ section on the blog.  

Wondering why, is it?

Well, in the recent past, my love for colors, lifestyle, food and make-up has multiplied manifolds…and perhaps, that’s one of the side effects which wedding bells have rang on me! And bingo! One fine day, I got fascinated with this idea and thought, why not start up a separate Reviews section on blog to share that?!

IMG_1109_ABcSo this week, I will debut my first review post, which will be dedicated to some of the most amazing online websites, where you can find trendy and pocket friendly stuff.

And did you notice, I have also launched an exclusive merchandise collection from my label! In case you have missed, check out Ammu’s Gallery here!

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu


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