Joining The Right Dots – An Interview

Joining the right dots

To her, limit is not the sky and there is a will to travel that extra mile. Know more about this young star
Noor Sandhu, while Amrit Ammu finds out about her profession as an artist, a photographer, a play director and also a writer.

Something very bright, enlightening and radiant is named as “Noor” and so true to the meaning of her own name; this youngster from Amritsar has all these qualities intact! Meet Noor Sandhu, a versatile woman artist who is much talented in various art domains and well focussed to follow that light, illuminating inside her. She is definitely a bundle of joy, creativity, positivity and knows well how to connect the dots along her way. More than being just an artist, she is a dreamer, a believer and an achiever all the way!

She has been interested in Art ever since childhood and in her own words she describes how her pocket money would often go into buying new crayons and drawing sheets. An avid learner, Noor took her lifelong lessons on the colour schemes, balance and composition right during her school days which she kept on polishing while working in different creative areas she is now involved in. School also helped her in discovering her talent in writing.

A graduate in English Honours, She went on to pursue her Masters in Mass Communication, post which she started her career with a leading newspaper in Chandigarh as a features writer in 2008. Along the journey she also discovered her interest in photography and sooner she started enjoying and experimenting in this newly discovered talent of hers. With her own new style of taking self portraits, no wonder she started gaining recognition as a Self-portrait photographer in the online community. Things kept moving and in 2009, she moved back to Amritsar, her hometown. It was during this time that the destiny had even bigger things in store for her as she ventured into theatre for education writing and directing educational plays.

Joining the right dots_BackSome masterpiece self-portraits by Noor Sandhu

“During this entire phase, My photography also reached a new level wherein I used it as a personal diary, expressing the deepest of my emotions and experiences.” Moving further, with all the creative bells ringing, she mentions about her current project and says “I started writing my debut novel about a year ago. At the moment I am in the process of editing it. The idea of the novel was a small one but gradually I realized that it had the potential of something bigger. So I thought of a before and an after of the part that I already had developed. I plan to write the story in three parts.”

As a newcomer to the field of art, she had to face some hardships too, but then she kept going on with confidence. She is thankful to all her supporters for being there to help her and even promote her work in her initial days. On asking about her mantra that keeps her going, she says “The one rule that I live by is, to continue learning and keep improving myself in every aspect whether personal or professional. I look for lessons everywhere I go and in everything I do.”

Talking about her commendable ability of delving successfully into different areas of art from photography to theatre to writing, she says “It has always been about prioritizing my tasks and then putting all my energy and time only onto one thing at a time. Even for my current project, once I have the first book of the trilogy out, only then I plan to take up new projects. I have been working on several ideas but don’t wish to divide my time as of now.”

Title Photo 3

She also points out that it is important for an artist to understand the nature of one’s work, so as to locate the right kind of audience for their work. For her, in photography the social media websites served as a right platform to reach to her audience while she also held 4 exhibits of her work across Punjab. Her unique identity in photography is that she is a self-portrait artist and the whole theme of self-portraiture being different and complex helped her gain the overall recognition and helped her to develop a niche for herself.

About her work exhibitions, Noor has had three solo exhibits in her name: THE DOOR WIDE OPEN in Chandigarh and Ludhiana (May 2011, April 2011 respectively) and ALEPH in Chandigarh (May 2010). She also exhibited her work in a group exhibition INSIGHTS in Amritsar (February 2010). She is planning to get back to photography projects, as soon as she finishes up with the release of her first book “The Sunset Traveller”.

Interview by Amrit Ammu

This interview has also been featured in the May issue of the Online magazine : Rang Punjabi (Refer Page 09-10 of the magazine)


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