Ludhiana to Bangalore via Chandigarh

Life is not how we imagine it to be, most of the times… Isn’t it? Well, this time on-board, it spelled its magic onto me. The black roaring smoke of events… expected, unexpected and full of shock, sudden and surprise. I thought of the blog-post in March to be ecstatic, full of fun and frolic, entertainment and joy and not forgetting about the series of pictures I thought I’d be sharing to kick-start my travel-posts too. But then, Life moves on and yeah, it doesn’t always functions how we imagine it to be.

This time, I am blogging from inside of the ‘Rajdhani Express’ train that is scheduled to reach Bangalore early next morning. Did I mention? Bangalore it is… My new home away from sweet home in Ludhiana.

This journey, odd 3000Kms long, made its mark on February 4th 2014 and would be taking a halt tomorrow after almost a month! Woohooo… I must be one of those patient passengers of this journey or something that I calmly kept witnessing all the emotions of Life that this journey kept raining down upon, one after another.

From seeing myself getting ready as one of the most happy and excited brides ever to celebrating our wedding tale in as much royal a way as possible; To having aboard my friends and relatives at that wonderful occasion. And if I continue… the emotions also go from leaving my parents, my city and going away from my home that I labelled as “mine” to settle down afresh at a new place with new people altogether with everything new.

But right there, as if some black spell was cast or something! On one side where I was trying to engulf so much of happiness, on the other side, I was suddenly pinched with the news that my adorable father-in-law had been admitted in the emergency ward of hospital ‘coz of ill-health just the same day of our wedding. Slowly I witnessed before my eyes the shades of life. Turning, from the brightest ever to the dullest ever on the demise of my father-in-law just the next day of our wedding. Clock kept ticking, journey was on, and days went by and as they say ‘Time’ is the biggest healer ever. I just wish his soul rest in peace.

I am peeping out to the new upcoming days with hopes… hundreds of them! And dreams… filled to the brim in my eyes.

A.C.16 copy Plain

Still in the train, I am seeing and observing so many things on go! The rushing trees and places behind me, they seem like whispering to me to focus on what is lying ahead and focus on where the life is taking now. The joy is being shown to me by the rising bright sun today, peeping through the dense clouds. The blooming flowers in the farm are telling me to smile, the sky and the land laden with green grass tells me that everything is fine and in here, the times would keep changing, be bold. It is just the weather to the universe, what we end drawing conclusions upon and we all are mere particles in this huge galaxy. The rain, hitting on the window panes of the train, pokes me that hey, everything is still okay and it is all here, right here, just somewhere around. At this moment, I want to get lost in the nature and its beauty… My journey is doing good and yeah, I am keeping all fine too.

Ludhiana to Bangalore via Chandigarh – ‘The journey’ has been much thought provoking ever…  As if, realising my soul in and soul out. A new start always has its memories with it and it is great to store them in some way so that we can lean onto them in times to come. All my new beginnings have made a mark in their own way and for this journey; I am hopeful that we will be blessed with better and happier moments.

Hoping for good times!
Live, Love, Laugh & Keep smiling everyone.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu


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