The year 2014 sailed through beautifully and before I considered writing articles and posting photographs from the stock I kept gathering these months, the word ‘Eternity’ was keeping me bound and yeah am still flowing in its magical world 😀

Eternity here, comes from the ‘band baaja and bride’ scenario that is keeping on a thumbs up mode my side and Ooo.. how exciting and nervous it is getting  .. ! I can’t even probably frame it correctly right now 😉

Of colours, vibrance, sweets, music, dance, happiness, emotions so pure, lights and pomp and show… Marriage is seeming such an awesome start to the eternity, which I am observing and experiencing from quite a close like never before !!

Of all the mixed emotions I am going through.. I think they all are so pure and worth experiencing! I might be bias to quote this or something, but the lord has instilled in a woman so much more power than a man that she is able to smilingly go through this society’s law.. Where one day in her life, she has to leave her maternal home to settle down at a new place, new home and with her new family. Femina for sure, rules the word called ‘power’  🙂

With all these happy yet hopeful connotations, it’s time for me to declare another break and I will be back with a bang in March and this time, right from Bangalore.

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep smiling everyone !!

Yours lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.


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