Sleepy September ?

I would be acting bias if I mention September to be sleepy and lazy, no matter how much I want to label it so 😛  I wish September could talk and I would wow ask it …
Hey September… Can I call you sleepy ?’ Phewww…
Coming out of my wonderland, I hereby confess of my semi-hibernation mode that I went into out of nowhere and kept digging in there then, in my cozy cocoon so comfortable.

IMG_8839 A with watermark

Here is a big Hello hug to all of you and I hope you all are doing awesome as always ! This morning began interesting and wow I happened to so easily break away that cozy cocoon which I kept juggling in for so long while finding the way out to escape 😉 I kept waiting in order to find ‘that’ apt time to write a blog. And well this morning, the magic spelled, my mind giggled, it woke up from that yawning state and broke away that cocooned wall for good to land on here and get geared to complete my pending tasks !

About that wonder message.. It is a small paragraph that I am sharing below and it is superbbb !

A new day everyday and a new beginning.
A new chance to prove yourself and yet another day to be better than yourself, now should I let “a few” bring me down?
Is it wise to doubt yourself for a few things “some” have said? I guess NOT!
People can hate you and bring you down and keep you on that cold hard ground only till you let them, its your duty to dust yourself back up.
You have a choice to stay on the ground or get up and work hard again and again and again till you finally meet your goals. You can’t let people tell you that you are no good!
You have a choice to be better everyday and everyday!

Yayy ! It is about that one positive thought that you replace a negating thought with and you see the magic getting spilled throughout. I remember one of my friends suggesting me that “This life is a formula of K.I.S.S. = Keep it simple stupid !” It is so easy and so smooth, if only we learn to accept things and sail through them as simple as possible. I am loving the energy this day bought in ! That is how much a difference inspiring and positive thoughts can actually bring in, I believe. And happily here I sign off to complete a few more pending posts that I left behind before entering my bunny hibernation mode 😉

See you tomorrow everyone !

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.


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