Frame me colorful

Frame me colorful, he said.. For the colors are the source to happiness, which delve us out from the world of grey..
…And just right there I said.. Why not frame it fine, with a crease of smile to see your world ignite 🙂

Frame me colorful with logo A

This colorful picture speaks for itself and I am so loving its liveliness. The model in this picture being my brother, I had all the liberty to experiment with the picture right the way I wanted and imagined it to be. (Big hug to him for the patience and the right amount of enthusiasm he kept alive throughout the session 🙂

This picture was shot one sunday morning, when in a playful mood, I decided to experiment something bright and funny on Harnoor. It might have taken us an hour or so but the results were so vibrant to keep us fully charged during this whole fun shoot. I am having a series of these shots, which I am working on right now and shall be posting up next on the blog.

This picture was created such that it conveys the importance of liveliness & colors in our lives which makes us feel ignited despite the grey or say the tough times. Knowing that nothing is permanent and that the rough phases too shall pass one day, I believe we should set our souls free and invite as much colors, happiness, smile & positivity in our lives as possible. These are the things which pull us back from those puddles where we tend to get stuck sometimes. Let there be life and all things nice all around.

That’s about this color packed picture, while I shall be soon posting a few more from the same series. Till then, ‘Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling’ May you have a very happy sunday ! 🙂

And before I skip to mention, our first give-away is also going on at Amrit Ammu Photography. Visit our page, like it if you love it and participate with a smile. I shall be so happy to see your entries right there at on the theme : EXPRESSIONS.

Yo ! It’s the beautiful time to smile, say cheese and to express yourself at the best ! Yayyy. Happy time to call off .. Cya everyone !

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.


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