Remember, to remember..

“15 commandments for photographers” – This should have been the headline for this post though 😉 but I believe, remembering is playing a more important factor. So the headline Remember, to remember seemed perfect to me here. And of course, the credits for this post goes to Better Photography. Hey Better Photography magazine.. Thankyou for being so so awesome. Thumbs up !

IMG_8594 A

Okay, so are you a photographer or inspiring to be one ?.. Then these are some must-do rules or commandments that you gotta follow along your journey, on which I am your buddy passenger too 🙂  So here we go …… Tantaanaaaa…

1. You shall familiarise yourself with your gear

2. You shall not shoot in auto

3. You shall not covet your neighbour’s equipment

4. You shall not leave home without your camera

5. You shall shoot everyday

6. You shall not steal ideas

7. You shall exercise regularly to be able to photograph at stretch

8. You shall break rules but only after learning them

9. You shall socialize with fellow photographers

10. You shall not unnecessarily tag people on your photographs

11. You shall organise your images after every shoot

12. You shall respect privacy

13. You shall send copies of images to your subjects

14. You shall save money to invest in photography

15. You shall impart your knowledge

I am not elaborating on these commandments, as I believe everyone will have their own perception on each one of the above.. and everyone would love to follow these in their own unique way.


For instance, ‘not coveting my neighbour’s equipment’ for me would mean that I should be happy with my gear and should focus on shooting best possible photographs with my own gear, without feeling bad about the better equipment that I might not be in possession of, at the moment. It is to remember but this that the best camera or equipment is the one, which we are holding/using now 🙂 As I said, this commandment may mean different for someone else ! It is all about perceiving and then working on it. Happy clicking !

Stay tuned for the first give-away by Amrit Ammu photography, to be announced soon !

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.


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