Photography Contests, July-August

A few photography competitions are in pipeline, just thought of sharing the info with all of you 🙂 These insights are from a collection of various magazines like IIPC, View Finder, Better Photography, etc that I was scrolling through the past month. Happy Clickinggg everyone !!

For the month of July:

1. ECPA International Salon Digital
Categories : (Monochrome, Colour Print , Photo Travel, Nature)
Last Date for submission: 15/7/2013

2. South Devon Salon.
Categories:   (Open nature Online)
Last Date for submission 21/7/2013 –
Email :

3. South Devon Salon
Categories: Digital Open
Last Date for submission 20/7/2013

4. Landscape photography contest
Last Date for submission 31/7/2013

DSCN5341 copy

For the month of August: 

1. Northwest Salon
Categories : Monochrome Prints, Color Prints
Last Date for submission 6/8/2013
Email :

2. CPA Hongkong Salon
Categories : Color Print
Last Date for submission 16/8/2013
Email :

3. Cyprus Salon
Categories : Digital Open
Last Date for submission : 17/8/2013
Email :

4. Asian environmental Journalism Awards
Last Date for submission 4/8/2013

Now that’s a call for the busy upcoming months ! If you too got some useful info regarding photography and related field, feel free to share it away 🙂 I would also like to invite you to my Facebook page here. Let me also know if the info was useful to you… Much eager to be back soon with more photo-blogs.

Live. Love. Laugh & Keep Smiling

DSCN5253 copy2

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu


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