The overjoyed me..

Last week my inbox made me jump in joy and bought that rare over-sized smile, right across my face ! 😀 *Winks* I hope it’s not sounding exaggerated but that’s how I actually felt when I read a mail from the ‘Daily Post’ newspaper. After a few conversations with their representative, all I knew was this, that I was going to be interviewed the next day for being one of the few woman photographers of the city Ludhiana- My hometown.

Okayyyyyyy…I thought.. ohhhhh kayyyyyyy ! Okkkkkkkkay (Sorry for those sound effects, but that’s almost how I was reacting sitting in my room and trying to sink in that feeling, while trying to gather myself up normal before I could go and tell this news to my parents without yelling out much in over joyousness). I had a clue that my mom and dad will react only as required on hearing this, as for they know their daughter would otherwise out rightly rise to cloud 9 and will keep sitting there then :p That is their essential doze which helps me staying grounded all the time !

There was so much coming and going to and fro my mind that evening, that while having a telephonic pre-chat with the interviewer I myself don’t know what I ended up saying. Was that nervousness or over flooded joy I don’t know 😉 Heeheehee…. But on reflecting the thing whole of it later that evening I was thanking God for this bliss. I was reflecting the days my father, Prof. Kanwaljit Singh – a renowned photographer himself and the ace photographer Mr. Rakesh Syal who is also my mentor, instilled in me the confidence to get going in this field. All my skills that I acquired, is through them and all the luck that I am showered is through their blessings. I was also thinking about my best friend Juhi who always admired my creativity and encouraged me to take it to another level someday. How confidently she said to me 2 years ago “You should actually take up something creative as your career option. I always imagine you as a professional photographer” she had said. I wondered and pondered over different instances that lead one with another and finally the day after was my first interaction with the media ever. With all the thoughts, so many of them in my mind, I didn’t even come to know when I felt asleep and woke up all excited to a new day.

DSC_8838 copy

The new day had come, it was raining cats and dogs and I thought the interview might stand cancelled. However, just half an hour before the scheduled time, the rain had stopped, as if just for me 😉 and soon the team was there at my place and I was interviewed about my journey, my current work, my further plans, etc. All my interview I couldn’t stop thanking my parents for their support and my father for obvious reasons. During the interview, I also went nostalgic about the Photography Club of my college – ‘Nazaria’ which helped me stay on hooked with photography during my post graduation days in Hyderabad. It was a small interaction but a big one for me ! The session had ended soon and after they left, I was then in a wonderland mode yet again, flowing in thoughts, just like the Alice of wonderland…

I was shaken back to reality soon by my mom  and then I discussed things with her in the real mode. I realised, it was only photography and the feminism that made that exclusive feature possible ! Now that I am on this road, I gotta be just moving ahead no matter what. There is no turning back now.

Below is the link to the e-paper which has the article

And post reading my own story this morning in the newspaper, I am so grateful to Vinnie Singh for writing the article as crisp as that and for making my feature possible on Page 3 ! 😀 Feeling all blessed.


Thank you for all the love and support everyone.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.


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