Rain beyond rain..

Monsoon as always, bought all the life alive this year. Not only there was joy and awesomeness all over but the loving monsoon season also bought a lot of relief to the people especially in north India, who were being roasted at 50 degrees celcius and more. The previous post has all the fun that I could capture around during this amazing season.


This releif however, was only temporary and soon we heard about the devastating effects of the monsoon during the later part of the last week. Monsoon rains had caused the flash floods and landslides in Uttrakhand which took away the life of so many people, while several went missing. My heartfelt condolences with all those who suffered this havoc 😦  TV channels are still broadcasting the live news of so many people and apartments which have toppled into the rushing, swallowing waters of the Ganges, the India’s longest river. My heart pains seeing and reading about the ‘Himalyan Tsunami’…there are still so many people who are stuck up there in the midst of nature. We salute the thousands of military servicemen who are at service along with the air force helicopters, to rescue the pilgrims and tourists, from the foothills of the Himalayas.

Words are less when the heart is sad, and emotions speak out loud at that time. I know only one thing about life, which holds true everytime – that Life,  it keeps moving on ! I am actually short of words to conclude this post, despite of having so many more words to write. I pray to God for the betterment and safety of the people who are surviving this horrifying incident. I hope God will shine his blessings on them and there will be a better tomorrow. Let the hope not die, while the life still goes on…


I have a freind of mine, who went to Shri Hemkund Sahib and was saved just IN time ! He narrated the incident in utter shock which left me spell bounded too ! The bridges, road paths through the hills all went away in just a fraction of a second ! All of it went away as a roll of debris, into the fast rustling waters of the river and nobody knew what was in their fate that day. Nature was in fury and nobody had anything in their minds than just pray for life.  Gosh.

With not much to say as I am already thunder struck, I am hereby sharing some photographs that were shot in the Ludhiana city during the last full week of monsoon. The city was clogged with water, and more water everywhere.. These photographs have been taken by the two very important members of my family – My dad – Prof. Kanwaljit Singh and my dearest brother – Harnoor. Oh yes, so proud to say that 🙂

IMG_8652A IMG_8656A

IMG_8681 IMG_8667A IMG_8670A

That was the other side of the Monsoon ! I pray to God in hope for better tomorrows. May God shower his blessings on us.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu


The photographs in this post are copyright © Kanwaljit Singh Dhudike/ Harnoor Singh. All Rights Reserved. Copying, downloading, altering or displaying any image without the written permission of the artists is strictly prohibited. 


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