“Don’t Wish,” said Rain…

Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure.

– Emily Wing Smith

The refreshing monsoon time is here…

DSC_0312 AA

It is that time of the year…
where we can just feel those pitter patter rain drops falling on our faces and getting soaked up in our clothes..
The time…
where we can just re memorize those beautiful childhood days,
when we sailed our paper boats on the sides of the road..
And the time…
where probably u can feel just nothing, but the BEST !!
And add to this..
how else can we get a fantastic climate, as awesome as this … !!!?

“I am certainly loving it” !

The click below was shot during the rain.. The view is of our home garden. Green being washed away all fresh and happy 🙂

Collage 3

The beautiful scenes that I witnessed can hardly be described but still, I experienced something like this :

There is greenary all around;
with clear blue sky atop..
the fresh chirping of the birds,
and the cooing of cuck-oo-oo..
those dancing trees,
those falling leaves,
and that cool breeze; …

Whoa!! The feel of all these really beautiful things bought joys and relief from the scorching heat of summers. And ofcourse, this kind-of-magical climate, not only succeeded in attracting the ever enthusiastic teens to the known hangouts of the city, but also developed the cravings for different cuisines like bread pakaurhas and samosas amongst the families!! And personally, I throughly enjoyed it all with my family 🙂

I believe this to be a cool part of the monsoons though, as these days the families hardly get time to sit together n cherish some moments together. My parents were remembering the mosoon time that went back into me and my brother’s childhood days and we were taking about how we both used to go out in the rain wearing raincoats and how much we used to enjoy bathing in rain! The coversations were on between us as a family and sooner we were talking about the present situation of the people in Uttrakhand and Himachal states where due to the landslides and the havoc caused by the monsoon, so many of them are left suffering. We went talking about the nature – the two sides of it, one which fills our life with happiness and the other which may even take away everything from us. It is nature and there is not much that a man can do to stop its effects. As we concluded our much heated discussion on the same topic, we thought maybe as help to those people who are suffering, we can donate in PM relief fund and can even look into donating some old clothes. Loss may not be overcome but little little efforts may contribute to something bigger and better at the least.

And then as they say, every coin has two sides. So looking at the brighter side and enjoying the blessed part of life that we were offered to witness that day, here are some more shots that I captured during the last week full of rain.

It was all so green and fresh ! Spot below a cute flying parrot and two super cute squirrels all in mood. No wonder, there was joy all around, post the long lasting rain shower.

Collage 1

Collage 4 with logo

I was just taking a walk with my camera, post the rain and I spotted endless beauty everywhere. Greenary, joy, cool breeze, birds, the smell of the rain, ants and so much more !

Below is a series of shots that I captured of a snail/shell that I accidentally spotted, just there in our kitchen garden. I am much fascinated by its circular details.  I named it shelly.. Say hello to shelly below 🙂


collage 2

Moving on, I found a shrub which was all decorated beautifully by the nature in rain drops. Ahh lovely they looked. In not much time, I went there to capture the beauty..most of it as much I could. 

DSC_0307 Flood filter A

DSC_0318 with logo and gradient filter

 And I just mentioned about ants too !Oh yeah.. I found so many of ant homes- I don’t know what are they called (If you know, let me know that too!) Nature has not surprised me the first time with its beauty, but just that I got a chance to feel and take a close look at it after a long time. I saw nature, patterns, colours, designs and all of it that day as I finished that gala evening.

Collage5 with logo copy

That’s the monsoon beauty of it and I shall be back soon, with a post showing the other side of monsoon too. Till then.. Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling. 🙂

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu

The photographs in this post are copyright © Amrit Ammu Photography / Aa Photography. All Rights Reserved. Copying, downloading, altering or displaying any image without the written permission of the artist is strictly prohibited. 

Collage 1


5 thoughts on ““Don’t Wish,” said Rain…

  1. joshiumesh009@gmail.com says:

    hi i am confused if these photos are real ……agar ye real hain toh kya baat …. u are the best best photographar ………..best of luck . What about the next photo shoot..?.


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