The First Ever Photographs

Here we go with yet another interesting photography assignment.  🙂

“Before you create, you must appreciate”

I was a little flown away on reading the above quote and am really touched by the  authenticity behind it. This quote seems beyond words and beyond time.

And this quote in a way, is the soul inspiration behind the assignment that I thought to be worth sharing up here. It lead me to dive a long way back in the past, to find out how photography has evolved over years. How did the first photograph ever look like? And how much difference there exists, if we compare the world’s first photograph with the one that we click today ! Miracles surround this amazing world of photography that today we all are fascinated with, in some way or the other. (Find the web-links for same at the bottom of this post) 

I spent a considerable time to study online as well as offline to read about the History of photography and the Evolution of cameras. Ever since the 1700’s it was and I went amazed with each unfolding invention. No wonder, photography has come a long way through.

Below are the images of some first ever made photographs. Gosh.. I am still wondering what to say ! Just take a look..



World's oldest known photograph, by Nicéphore Niépce, 1825

The above photograph is the earliest known seminal photographic activity made by Joseph Nicephore in 1825 by using the heliography process. This photograph is said to be printed from a metal plate covered with a ground that was etched after which it was exposed to the sunlight. When the plate was washed with oil of lavender, only the hardened image area remained.

683px-Camera_Obscura_box18thCentury first cam

(That was how it looked !) – THE CAMERA OBSCURA: An artist using an 18th century ‘Camera Obscura’ to trace an image above.


(Wow ! So this was it .. The beginning shot in the history of Photography) –

The is claimed to be the first photograph, which was taken by Joseph Nicephore in 1826 and it depicts the view from Joseph’s window at Le Gras. It is the earliest surviving photograph of a scene from nature, taken with the ‘camera Obscura’ in 1826. (Exposure time : 8 hours) !!


(Back then in 1839) – THE FIRST PHOTOGRAPH INCLUDING A PERSON above. It is by Daguerre in 1839

First light photo ever taken

Above, “The first light picture ever taken.” Self portrait of Robert Cornelius in 1839.

Dorothy_Catherine_Draper_earliest surviving photo of a woman

Now that is THE FIRST PORTRAIT above ! One of the oldest photographic portraits known, made by Joseph Draper of New York, in 1840, of his sister, Anna Katherine Draper.


Undertakimg the PROBLEM OF BLUR in 1855 :  Above is from the cartoon satirizing problems with posing for Daguerreotypes. The slight movement during exposure resulted in blurred features and red-blindness made rosy complexions dark. 😀

570px-Roger_Fenton's_waggon Photographic van

PHOTOGRAPHIC VAN in 1855 – Wow !!
Roger Fenton’s assistant seated on Fenton’s photographic van, Crimea.


(Oh look at it ! )  That’s the first image scanned into a digital computer in 1957.


The First color image by Maxwell in 1861 above.


THE FIRST EXPERIMENT ON COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHY : This is a color photo by Louis Ducos du Hauron in 1877. The overlapping yellow, cyan, and red color elements can clearly be seen.


(Mindboggling ! ) – TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF BLUR :  A photographer appears to be photographing himself in a 19th-century photographic studio. Note the clamp to hold the poser’s head still. An 1893 satire on photographic procedures already becoming obsolete at the time.


(Innovation on the move !) –   THE BRADY STAND –TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF BLUR  🙂  In the Mid 19th century “Brady stand” photo model’s armrest table, meant to keep portrait models more still during long exposure times.


(How many of the sizes still exist?)  Above are the photographic print sizes in the 19th century !

And that was all about the insightful Assignment for the day. If you also share the same passion, and have something to share or suggest, feel free to use the comment box below for same. 🙂 Together, let’s learn and share.

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu

Find below, the reference Web links:

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