Listened to the sound of picture yet ?

Pictures we take with our camera don’t talk, but every time we press the camera shutter, it makes a remarkable sound ! Listened to it carefully yet? O yea, the sound has it all.. The lesson number 1 from the book I mentioned in the previous post speaks out loud about that.

They say, for making a picture count, the first thing that we should get right in the frame should be the focus. And to get this first thing right, the sound coming with every click of our camera is enough to tell.  Oh yes, all of us must have heard its sound before, but did we hear it that well ?..

So that was it.. my most interesting task of the day ! I just sat with my camera, pressed the shutter multiple times and enjoyed listening to its awesome sound. Aaaye, So refreshing it feels every time!  Tichkk.. Tichhkk !

Whenever the image goes a little out of focus, the camera’s shutter sound will take a little more time than usual to capture the picture, which will automatically indicate us about the outcome. This assignment is worth it I feel and worth sharing too, as it is one of the lifelong lessons in the journey of photography, which we often tend to ignore.

Trying this assignment on-field and oops.. some goof-ups:

*I recently covered a wedding and now I understand the importance of this assignment.There were multiple pictures during the shoot, that didn’t come up much in focus, however in the back of my mind I knew that the shutter sound was yelling about that.
*I perhaps should have immediately taken some time to fix my camera settings right ! But then, hmmm.. there’s always a room for improvement !

That’s it for the day and I shall be back with more posts on the way.. Till then, Happy Clicking ! 🙂

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.

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