“Go for whatever makes you happy” …

It was an epic day for me… as I like to recall April 5th 2013.

My two years of hard work was going to be rewarded this day and I was really happy. The day began with my mom’s blessings and her words which assured me of the feeling that my parents were also present with me at my D-day – The Convocation 🙂


During the first half of the day, I also had a placement process scheduled. There were four other classmates, who were also shortlisted for the same. All of us were supposed to travel to the office of the company in the Hyderabad city which is at a distance of around 30 kms from the campus. That day, I was more inclined towards attending my convocation ceremony rather than going to the city for an interview and travelling 60 kms for that. The whole idea was shutting me down. I had a word with my placement officer and requested him to postpone the process, but nothing much could be done as the list had come on a short note and couldn’t be postponed.

Somehow, while sobbing my heart, I managed to go there. I was praying to God, in a hope if I can reach back my college well in time, to attend my much awaited convocation ceremony. The process took its time, interviews were almost done and the wait for the results was as usual long. I was already getting emotional of the fact that I might miss my convocation because of an interview which probably I might not even clear. However, I tried to control my feelings before my classmates, who were genuinely interested for the process.

It was 2’o clock and the interview results were about to be announced while all of us were asked to wait near the reception area of the office. Meanwhile I got busy sending messages to my friends who were in the college campus, to know about the convocation updates. I was wondering, if it was too late to reach college on time.

And there.. The recruiter who had asked us to wait outside, came to us and announced the results. Oh wow … I thought I just heard my name on the list… *Giggle*.. Was I hearing it right ? …. Achaa ? … (That was my first reaction) And that’s how I got placed actually.  :p  It was a happy day and on getting placed, the feeling was wonderful ! I was relaxed and I felt something that I had never experienced before. I was flowing with gratitude all the way.

I shared the news with my parents, friends and loved ones and together we celebrated the joy. With the grace of God, I also reached the college campus well in time and could attend the whole convocation ceremony too. It was a big day for me and it ended happily, with an icing on the cake !

The convocation was very well organised and went off smoothly. I couldn’t have asked for a better reward.. I had a job and the degree both in hand by the end of the day. During the evening while thinking about whole day, I started wondering: Why was I more inclined to attend the convocation than getting my “Placement?” “Placement”, the one important thing, for which I was praying from months. From the past four months, each individual in the campus had only one topic to discuss “Placements.” By the end of the day I had a joy and a bit of confusion too. I was not sure if I should join the job but the feeling was priceless ! And just as I was taking a little time to sink in that feeling, a message from my younger brother.. just made my day ! “We all are so proud of you”  he said. And I was full of gratitude yet again’ ♥

Here are some joyful pictures of me with my friends at college 🙂



This day I had graduated for life and I was all free to go and explore the world, in the exact way I like ! I was a free bird with wide wings to fly, I thought.  🙂  It was all on me to make a choice now..  Whatever I wanted to do.. A job ? or to choose and work-hard with the thing that I would want to happily do the rest of my life. I had to take a decision.

Some perplexed thoughts on my way, while making the final decision :

I had to make the choice now only and I had to wisely choose the thing that I wouldn’t regret of choosing later on. I had to decide whether I wanted a secure job or would I want to do what I love to, for the rest of my life.. And that, however might end up being an unconventional decision somewhere..I never know, I thought.

I was also a bit worried about the peer pressure and didn’t have much idea as to how my friends and relatives would greet to the decision of mine if I choose photography over my career in management.

It could be a total risk involved. I wanted to follow my inner-calling to take up my passion – photography as a profession versus I had done my masters in business. I had a bleak idea of how things would settle. The only thing that made a connect was this that having studied business administration, I could probably utilize all my knowledge to bring alive my business in photography.

I was also a bit worried that everything that I had planned might not turn up the way I have anticipated in my thoughts. Things can take time and can even demand twice the hard-work I have thought it would need. It was all my luck that would play the cards. But then, that’s business, isn’t it?

And at the end, it was all my decision that would count for me, despite all the odds.

I took a lot of time to think and I also discussed the same with my family. The decision didn’t come easy but fortunately, my parents are supportive enough to encourage me at every step for which I feel I am really blessed. At least, I had no much pressure from my family to do a job that would probably ensure monetary security besides a few other bonus things. I was let free to take the decision.

Finally, I had made a decision and I had chosen my happiness over materialistic joys. I had myself chosen the path less traveled and so I thought, I now have to be bound by it, no matter how hard this path turns up in the middle. Now I was no more a fish who was perhaps trying to climb a tree.. I was now free and this time free to fly high, fly anywhere I wished.

I feel this is probably the best decision I have taken for myself and this is also the Best gift that I could ever get from my parents in terms of their support and blessings that they have cushioned me with 🙂

I am a happy soul, on my way to live my dream and working hard to make it come true. My story might not sound very interesting to everyone, but it interests me the most ! And I keep giggling over it .. 😛  (I think that’s the beauty of our stories).  I love to share my experiences, feel free to share yours and let’s celebrate this beautiful life together..

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu

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