Colourful visit to Shilparamam II

(The photographs in this post are © Amrit Ammu Photography)

I have shared my learning from this visit in terms of photography, at the end of this post. Have a look and let me know about your suggestion too !

I was talking about the photographs of beads, pottery and women accessories in the last post, which I am sharing up here. Just like before, these photos also depict a bright color splash on different mediums altogether. Taking up the beads section first, here we go for a vibrant ride below.. 🙂

DSCN5224 copy

This is how beautiful the loose beads looked, spread across on a large table. They were used to make customized bracelets or key-ring or neck piece or whatever-you-may-want out of them

DSCN5326 copy

DSCN5323 copy

DSCN5230 copy

This is the thread with which the beads were stringed together in the form, the customer would prefer 🙂 Customization on the roll !

DSCN5232 copy

Above, you can see a sneak-peak of the bracelet hand-made with those beads.

DSCN5325 copy

These button-like beads above, were pasted on to the silver sticks to make stunning earrings out of them. And no wonder, these were selling like hot-cakes ! I bought a purple pair from this collection, for my Best friend 🙂

DSCN5336 copy

DSCN5288 copy

DSCN5340 copy

DSCN5282 copy

Used in so many forms, beads for sure make great accessories for women ! Most of these alluring beauties above, are hand-made and the available varieties were enough to cater to different tastes of customers. After the beads category, let’s go onto another ride now.. And this is where I got confused, if the God was also put on Sale ! 

DSCN5314 copy

This is from the shop which sold the name-plates and they had a name-plate for God too ! 🙂

DSCN5090 copy

There is something ironic about this photograph above, which speaks itself aloud ! Let me know your views on that..

DSCN5297 copy

Just next to the God idols (shown above), this shopkeeper was keeping an eye on the customers visiting on her stall ! How carefully had she packed them, I thought.

DSCN5281 copy

A picture from the same shop… Unbreakable it read ! Oh Lord …. (My thoughts blooming in different directions here) Let me know, what you think of this ?…. I would be interested to have a discussion on this topic.. Alright, moving on, here is a glimpse of some more women accessories around the place. I am just thinking how true they say, when they say that be it any fair or any exhibition, there are hardly any things for men to buy ! 😛 Exhibitions and fairs are more or less flooded with the things exclusively for women !  *Giggle*

Are you wondering what is it down there ?

DSCN5335 copy

Rings they are ! 🙂 I wanted to pick one, but then I don’t wear many so dropped the idea and moved on !

DSCN5319 copy

A lovely long trail of earrings up there. Captivating… Isn’t it !

DSCN5337 copy

Some ear loops up there.. and cute key-rings and antique neck-pieces below..

DSCN5338 copy

DSCN5235 copy

DSCN5236 copy

DSCN5311 copy

And what do you have to say about this jute chappals-cum- footwear collection below ?.. I just heard of them being quite durable..

Never tried though 🙂

DSCN5239 copy

And lastly comes the pottery collection.. Hand-made and Hand-painted again ! A lot of hard-work is involved in bringing alive every single piece I must say..

DSCN5108 copy

DSCN5109 copy

DSCN5113 copy

No words for this collection…

DSCN5132 copy

DSCN5088 copy

DSCN5131 copy

Lined up in a row… beautiful items for home decor above. That’s it for Shilparamam.. It was for sure an amazing experience ! 🙂  However, this visit taught me one lesson which I shall always keep in mind..

Lesson from this Photo-shoot : Always arrange for and go with a camera battery back-up, no matter what. Our camera’s charger would do nothing when the moments would be running away or the light would be fading away. In fact there also may be a possibility that due to the power cut, we may not be able to charge the camera’s battery itself ! That’s exactly what happened with me too and I happened to miss so many shots around the time, when the light got low, so warm and beautiful. I wish I could do something about it at that time !

Or another option can be to.. Plan and Click”  In that case, no doubt the camera’s battery would sustain for a longer time. I am yet on a mission to begin with planning before clicking. Almost all of my shots from this series were documented as and when the events unfolded.

These were my learning’s from the visit to Shilparamam. I am glad to have been shared my collection from the Shilparamam visit with you on the blog. Thanks for stopping by.. Your feedback on this post and your presence on the Facebook page is awaited.  🙂

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.

The above photographs are copyright © Amrit Ammu Photography / Aa Photography. All Rights Reserved. Copying, downloading, altering or displaying any image without the written permission of the artist is strictly prohibited. 



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