A colourful visit to Shilparamam

(The photographs in this post are © Amrit Ammu Photography)

This post is a follow up sequence of  the blog  “On the occasion of Ugadi”

On this festive day, our college mess was also decorated with flowers and Rangoli and there was a joyous atmosphere around. To be a part of the celebrations at Shilparamam, I was travelling in bus with my friend and on the way, while travelling , I saw so many ladies and young girls dressed up in new clothes and warm smiles. Many of them also adorned Gajra on their hair. The whole city was in a festive mood.

On reaching Shilparamam, I just went wow over and over again ! I must say, I was witnessing this kind of creativity after a very long time. And on seeing the whole of it and capturing it’s beauty in my camera, I was really overjoyed. Here are some pictures that made me go gaga over this exhibition. 🙂

DSCN5128 copy

I loved the way these mirrors and lamps were displayed under the blue colored tent..

DSCN5317 copy1

This is that huge wooden carved door that was up there on display ! Perhaps, they made one by taking orders.. Isn’t it superb ! I admired the detailing and the ancient nawabi look of this door 🙂

DSCN5285 copy1

The ancient styled mirrors and the other wooden items above ..

DSCN5098 copy

I simply loved the aluminium glass lamps .. There were so many of them at the place !

Actually, not only these aluminium lamps.. but there were so many things at that place, which I simply loved 🙂

Up next came the multiple bangle stalls ! Awesome and incredible ! All of them .. So colourful ! So adorable .. You name a color and they had ..

This is the top view angle of so many colors and contrasts lined up there !

DSCN5342 copy

Fascinating ! Aren’t they …

And then.. This picture I feel, is my best shot from the bangles series… Aww.. I adore it 🙂

DSCN5341 copy

There are shapes, colors, contrasts, beads and vibrancy all over this picture.. which makes it a ‘simply feminine’ picture .. !

Then below is the traditional touch on the bangles, which I liked to portray in the sepia tone

DSCN5213 copy

The middle row bangles in the picture below were actually silver in colour..

DSCN5210 copy

Their beauty was being enhanced by the warm reflection of the sunlight on them, and by the bangles at their either side.. which made them look so appealing !

Thread bangles below !!

DSCN5215 copy

Choosing the pink one for herself ! …

DSCN5219 copy

Thread bangles at the roll 🙂

Now below is another variety.. And I much adore these !! These are the metallic bangles. I have got a pair for myself too, which I match and wear with the traditional suits.

DSCN5293 copy

DSCN5291 copy 1

This is a metallic neck-piece above ! Isn’t it gorgeous ! This is basically from the traditional jewellery collection and still is not out of fashion ! That’s the beauty of the traditional stuff.

DSCN5280 copy

Whoa !! And there was this big pile of bangles to choose from !!

Metallic bangles below.. Innumerable designs with various colors displayed all over !…

DSCN5286 copy

DSCN5339 copy

The huge ones up there ! In multiple colors yet again !!

I am having a series of shots on colorful beads, women accessories and pottery, beside others, which I think I will share in my next blogpost !! This post is becoming a little too long already ! That’s the magic shilparamam had to offer that day ! Amazing art all around !

Here is glance of the splendid Folk Art items, with a modern touch, indeed..

DSCN5237 copy

Some musical instrument illustrations and some other shapes and numbers, done beautifully as wall hangings above..

DSCN5310 copy

Elephants, bells, thread, shells .. Making awesome wind chimes 🙂 Traditional and modern element intact !

DSCN5196 copy

DSCN5304 copy

These are handmade wall hangings yet again .. stringed together in a thread with mirrors, beads, wooden animal statues and bells..

The cute catty below was a handmade toy ! Vibrant and catchy !  The toy’s body was attached with a thread, which on pulling, used to make the cute catty appear in a dancing mode ! *Giggle* A cute innovative toy for kids 🙂

DSCN5187 copy

DSCN5190 copy

The hand painted bottles below ! Wow detailing ..

DSCN5188 copy

DSCN5191 copy

On these bottles, the God idols were also painted ! Shown above..

Any guesses for this one below ? What do you think, it might be ?

DSCN5193 copy

Oh well, this is a hand-painted coconut !! Isn’t it fabulous .. 🙂

Another beauty below ..

DSCN5123 copy

Moving on from folk art, the place also had the crockery feast ! Sharing below .. 🙂

DSCN5253 copy1

Loved the way these mugs were placed one over another, forming patterns ..

Colorful bowls below, I got the black polka dots one for myself …

DSCN5258 copy

Awesomely designed jars and super cool coffee mugs below..

DSCN5254 copy

DSCN5248 copy

DSCN5252 copy

DSCN5259 copy

DSCN5244 copy

This was the cutest item in the crockery section ! A cute piggy bank up there ! *Giggle*   🙂

That’s it for now on Shilparamam ! I will follow the other part of the story and the photographs from the same place, in my upcoming blog-post.. Stay tuned 🙂

You are welcome to see the best of my work on Facebook at Amrit Ammu Photography.

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.

The above photographs are copyright © Amrit Ammu Photography / Aa Photography. All Rights Reserved. Copying, downloading, altering or displaying any image without the written permission of the artist is strictly prohibited. 



8 thoughts on “A colourful visit to Shilparamam

  1. JAGDEEP says:

    This is the first time I am looking at this blog Amrit. Beautiful photos. You should never put your camera down. Keep it up and find time to write more blogs.

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