Beginning : Behind the Scenes

Welcome to this space of my thoughts, my canvas..

I had been in the City of Nawabs, Hyderabad, for 2 years.. and the whole idea of my blogging and photography journey started taking shape while I was pursuing my MBA at IBS Hyderabad. These two years helped me to learn, grow and share my creativity to an extent that I have now developed a confidence to take it to another level. I am on my way to live my dream and for that, I feel there has been a lot of connect between Hyderabad, completion of my masters degree and the beginning of my new journey altogether.

Since I have marked a launch to my Blog, I wanted to start  it with a post that would have a mix of all these elements intact. So I have chosen my first blog-post to be on Ugadi and I will be posting it in a while. Marking the beginning of a new age, Ugadi is a New Year’s Day celebrated in Hyderabad. Similarly, this blog has marked the beginning of my new journey and I am committed to learn, share and do more good. I will share my art, photography and the things I experience and learn on the way.

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling. 🙂 Let’s celebrate this beautiful life together..

Scroll below for a Fresh, Floral Welcome. Warm Regards..

DSC_6631 copy

DSC_6710 copy

DSC_8838 copy

DSC_8948 copy

DSC_6645 copy
Click on the Photographs to see the enlarged view.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu.

The above photographs are copyright © Amrit Ammu Photography / Aa Photography. All Rights Reserved. Copying, downloading, altering or displaying any image without the written permission of the artist is strictly prohibited. 



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